What should I have done?

I just got home from the gym. There is a husband and wife team who is there also and we share the same personal trainer. The couple is probably about 15 years older than me, in their mid 50s.  Well, here is the story. The trainer had me use a machine and the weight was heavy for me . . . the husband used the same machine after me and proclaimed “boy this thing sure isn’t heavy at all!”  He wasn’t talking to me but he was talking in a way such that I couldn’t help but over hear him. . . now what do you think my response should’ve been?  Should I have responded at all? Reply to this post and let me know what you think . . . or send us an email at sow-the-word@hotmail.com


5 thoughts on “What should I have done?

  1. I would have pretended not to hear and totally ignored the guy. I don’t like to let people get a rise out of me and I would not have cared what he thought. If I felt disrespected so as it would bother my workout. I would no longer work out at the time they work out. Life is way too short to let people rile you and take away from your positive energy. People who try to provoke are sorely disappointed when they fail in their efforts.

  2. Sometimes it best to let comments like that roll off your back. Lack of response sometimes is the best response. Everything is not meant to be responded to and silence is the best answer. Our mouths sometimes gets us in more trouble than its worth…peace be still

  3. No reply needed, unless he was fishing for compliments and you felt like giving one. Which personally, I usually always feel like giving, since they’re free!

  4. Well, I didn’t respond. I just kept on with the exercise that I was doing. But do you see how the enemy works? . . . that was intended to get me upset that a dude older than me could lift more weight than me . . .

  5. So here’s more light on this situation. There is more here than just the plan to get me to feel bad about myself because an older person could lift more weight. What the enemy is trying to do is make this man my standard. Remember that your standard is God… His way, His word. What has happended in the world is that the Word is not the standard. This is why all kinds of things have become acceptable now . . . the word of God has become of no effect. Joshua 1:8 shows us where Joshua is told to meditate on the book of the law day and night. Under the new covenant, we would say meditate on the Word of God all the time. My focus is not my peer at the gym and what he is doing . . . God called me to a work for His kingdom and my focus should be on Him and His word and what He’s calling me to do. There are too many Christians who have gotten off track and even died because of wrong focus. God should be your focus. Have a blessed night.

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