Promises made, promises kept

Promises made. Promises kept.  The Word of God is alive and life changing. It will change your life if you apply it to all that you do. As I sit here this Saturday morning seeking God’s wisdom, I am reminded that my search will not go unanswered. Have you ever lost something and looked for it, but you never found it? I lost a class ring once when I was mowing the yard and I haven’t found it. That happened several years ago.  Matthew 5:6 teaches us that those who search and thirst for  righteousness shall be filled. This is a promise from God. When you search for God with all of your heart, you will find Him. That’s good news. He said if you want wisdom, ask of God. That means he will give you wisdom if you ask. There will come a time that people will search for God but He will not be able to be found.  Isaiah 55:6 teaches us to seek the Lord while He may be found. God honors His Word and he keeps His promises. Have a blessed day.


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