Genesis 11,Trayvon Martin & Prayer in school

I’m sure by now that you have heard that George Zimmerman has been arrested and will be charged with second degree murder. The unity that has been displayed during this case is a testament to the story of the Tower of Babel in Genesis 11. I recommend that you read this.  Genesis 11:1 teaches that at that time everyone in the whole world spoke the same language . . . yes, that’s right. There was no Spanish, German, etc. If you read these verses of scripture you can see how when a group speaks the same language, they can work together as one and anything is possible for them.  God had to stop the people from building their tower to heaven and exalting themselves. He knew they would be successful. You can see this in verse 6.  If the Lord recognizes the strength in unity and calls us to unity in Him, then we should recognize the strength in unity when promoting the things of God. 

As I think about this I think about our schools.  When the Word left the school, the enemy rushed in with guns and violence, and the world’s answer to the violence was police officers . . . or the more accepted term, school resource officers. We are bringing in guns and violence to address the problem of guns and violence in our schools. What we need to bring in is revelation knowledge from the Word of God; morning prayer and scripture with the pledge of allegiance and morning announcements. What if the body of Christ came together and held marches hundreds of thousands strong to fight to keep prayer in schools? What if some of our prominent clergy who are community activists held rallies and media events around fighting to keep prayer in school?  What if people changed their Facebook profile to pictures consistent with prayer in school? What if the legislatures wore prayer in school hoodies during session and pastors united together to petition the school districts?

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