Kirk Cameron’s Anti-Gay remarks

 Kirk Cameron, who is a Christian, made remarks about the gay lifestyle and I found this link that you can read about the story.

John 15:18 teaches “If the world hates you, keep in mind that it hated me first.”  This is Jesus saying if the world would crucify Him, they are going to hate you if you stand for Him. So, we should know that we as Christians are going to suffer prosecution because Jesus did . . . but understand that Jesus rose again and just like Him, those who are saved will rise again as well. So, then, who is this backlash against?  I’ll tell you that it’s not against Kirk Cameron. It’s against God, and what does God teach us about battles and confrontation? I would recommend that you read 2 Chronicles 20:1-29. In this story the Lord clearly proclaims the battle is His. God will fight your battles for you. It doesnt mean that you have no part to play. You have to do what the Spirit of God leads you to do in the situation, but understand that attacks that are aimed at you when you are professing what thus says the Lord are really aimed at God! How aweful it would be to set yourself against the Word of God and side with the world. 

Here is some advice to the Christian who finds him or herself in situations being questioned about “thoughts” and “feelings”.  You should not have any thoughts or feelings.  There is no way to form an opinion about something that God has clearly made plain in His Word. You should speak the Word and the Word only. That’s what makes it sooooooo good. You just say what God says about the situation and your answer is just like Jesus’ answer to the devil during His (Jesus’) time of tempting. “It is written . . .”. What Jesus was saying here is “It is written in the Word (the Bible)”.  So how could this have played out?  Kirk’s response to the reporter should have been what the Word says about homosexuality. I mean literally phrased, “the bible teaches, or the Word says . . . . . . just like what the Word says about fornication and filthy language, etc.  This isnt about anti gay, anti fornication or anti filty language comments. This is about believing the Word of  God and making the Word your confession. That same Word teaches that we should love God with all of  our heart, soul and mind and that we should love our neighbor as ourselves. You can’t adopt one verse and throw out another. Christians have to love murders, crooks, liers, fornicators, homosexuals, child predators, rapists . . . and the list goes on. Just because we love the person, does not mean we agree with the behavior, and no one said that showing love would be easy. That’s why we have the Holy Spirit on the inside to help us walk in love. In fact, if you don’t know God, you don’t know love. If His Holy Spirit doesnt dwell in you, you are incapable of true agape love. That’s another post. Email us at or leave a reply for additional comment. Remember to speak the Word and the Word only.


2 thoughts on “Kirk Cameron’s Anti-Gay remarks

  1. I read this article and other articles regarding Kirk Cameron and he should have used God’s Word to defend his beliefs and left it at that. It’s like your post said as Christians we are called to live by God’s holy word and if you are truly living for Christ then you are not going to have a problem with following his WOrd. Keep posting.

    Mrs. Erika Morgan

    • Hi Sister, I wanted you to know that we started a kids choir at the church and if your kids arent singing anywhere and they would like too, we would be happy to have them. Be blessed

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