Where it all begins…

The bible teaches us that the power of life and death is in the tongue.  I want to talk about the enemy and how he can cause us to use our tongue to condemn, hurt, tear down and destroy. You might think that it begins with a thought. Well, it actually does, but while it’s a thought it has not affected anyone else, and if you are smart, you can cast that thought down before it becomes words out of your mouth . . . inflammation spewing forth to cause destruction and hurt. Words affect others. Have you ever said words that you wish you could have taken back?  I know that I have.

The key in this is to recognize where the thoughts are coming from and to not let them manifest.  Your tongue should only speak the Word of God. If you speak the Word and the Word only, you will speak life to your situation. When you speak life, life has to be. Have a blessed day.


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