Three ways to steer clear of things that may not be good for you . . .

We have posted on ways to be led by God and how to know when it’s “not” God leading. We have talked about God not being in confusion and how we should follow peace. This post is really sort of followup to some of the comments that we have posted earlier.

The enemy leads us to things with thoughts. He will send a thought our way and that thought will be contrary to the Word of God and appeal to our senses . . . sight, smell, taste, hearing, etc. Sometimes things that seem  right to us are not right for us. Paul said in Romans 7:15 that he doesn’t understand what he does. He goes on to say what he should do he doesn’t do and what he shouldn’t do, he does.  So, we see here that we can recognize that something may not be the best for us, but we do it anyway . . . and the things we know that we should do, we don’t do.  Let’s explore why this happens. If this can happen for a man used of God like Paul . . . a man who prayed in tongues and had a close relationship with God, we ought to pay close attention. So how do we overcome this?  I want to give you three truths that will help you steer clear from things that are not best for you.

1. Realize the only way to overcome the “senses” is in the spirit. You have no power in and of yourself to keep yourself from doing things that you should not do, but you can keep yourself in the will of God by living in the spirit. We do this by staying in the Word. The bible teaches that the Word of God is spirit and life. We also do this by speaking in tongues. Jude 1:20 teaches us that we can build ourselves up by praying in tongues (praying in the spirit). If you need more info and direction in this area send us an email at

2. Follow peace . . . many times that uncomfortable feeling we get when we’re about to make a wrong decision is the spirit man down on inside trying to lead us. We have to be willing to listen and follow what we are being told to do. If you don’t have peace about a situation, stop and don’t make a decision. Do pray, spent time with God and wait on Him to tell you what you should do. It’s ok, you really don’t have to make a rushed decision. Follow peace and allow God to direct in His own way, in His own timing.

3. Surround yourself with faith buddies. Part of the problem with Christians is that we surround ourselves with people who don’t know the Word and don’t have a relationship with God . . . we go to these people for advice, comfort, direction, etc. We go to the talk show, newspaper, television and self-help books . . . we go to family members, the court system and self-proclaimed experts. Let’s think about this. God made you. He knows the expected end that He has for you. Why would you not go to the one who made you for direction for your life . . . and surround yourself with people who have a relationship with Him as well?

I hope this helps. When situations, people and attitudes take you away from God and from the people of God, recognize that this leading is not from God, but the enemy. Recognize that you will want to do the things that you shouldn’t . . . we all have flesh and the flesh wants control. Remember that your God is bigger than your flesh. Be blessed.


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