He wants the work of your hands to prosper… even when working for someone else

Psalm 90:17 is a very powerful scripture. It speaks of the favor of God and the work of our hands prospering. It may be hard for you to believe that God will prosper the work of your hands. For many of us we think of our jobs, but it’s not just limited to that. God’s favor is His Grace . . . which is His ability to do for us things that we can’t do for ourselves. This scripture means that the work of your hands can prosper and YOU not have anything to do with it in the natural other than allowing yourself to be a vessel unto God. Remember this when you go to work. Invite the favor of God into your workplace . . . don’t condemn your job and talk about how bad it is and how you can seem to never get it right.  God wants you to do your job as if you are doing it unto Him. Once you realize prosperity is in Him, you will invite His ability and all that you put your hand to do will prosper.


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