Listen to your own sermon

Pastor Teacher

Some folks think that pastors walk on water and are perfect people. This is not so.  Those who are ministry gifts (Pastors, Teachers, Evalngelists, Prophets and Apostles) have flesh just like everyone else and can walk in error. They need to be prayed for and lifted up. Sometimes they minister under the annointing and sometimes there is no annointing and they are sharing what they think instead of what the Spirit of God desires to teach. I felt led to post this because we as ministry gift folk (You can read about ministry gifts in Corinthians and Ephesians) receive from the Spirit of God when we are ministering or teaching. What that means is that we get things from the Spirit of God that we did not write down in our notes before hand. We may get a word concerning a person’s situation and what that person may need.  We follow the Spirit of God and not our own ideas and desires. So, that brings me to the point of this post. We as ministers have to go and listen to our own sermons so we can learn what it is the Spirit wants us to know. We have to go back to our notes sometimes and write down the things that the Spirit of God revealed to us while we were teaching or ministering. The message to you is that you should invest in sound Biblical teaching . . . in the form of CDs, DVDs, tapes, mp3 downloads, etc. and you should listen to them over and over. I have had to go back and read Sow the Word previously published posts because there was a Word there that I needed for my situation . . . funny, I wrote the post as God gave it to me back then, but now I have to go to it to get what I need for my situation. Keep the Word ever before you. Listen to folks who teach the Word. Don’t judge Pastors as to what they are doing, if they are living right . . . they are not your example, CHRIST is and you will be held accountable for sideskirting the church because you thought the members and the pastor were hypocrites. They have little to nothing to do with what God called YOU to do and that’s what you are going to be accountable for. Walk in your purpose. Provision is there. Get into the Word of God. If you need help in how to do this, send us an email at


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