Who would Jesus vote for in the Presidential election?

It’s interesting how we take inventions, positions, categories, etc. and try to put people into them. You know like the sermons you hear like “What kind of fish are you?”  Not sure if you’ve heard this one or not but this is the one where the minister categorizes people as fish . . . and you can hear the example that some folk are piranha and will just pick you to death. Some folk are sharks and they are always back biting, etc. We really need to get out of the business of trying to categorize people and behaviors. You are wasting your time with such a silly question as  who would Jesus vote for. To allow your brain to dwell on this and to hash it out over and over for hours about why you think Jesus would vote for one person or the other would be to waste time. What we really need to do is read and do the Word of God. We need to confess that the candidate who has a heart for God will be elected, and that we will follow the Spirit of God concerning our voting.  So, to ascribe Jesus to a political party would demonstrate a complete non understanding of Spiritual things v natural things. You can’t take a man-made thing and try to put God into it. God made man, and now man has the audacity to put God in a box and say that He would vote a certain way? Reminds me of a story. There was a man who questioned how God made man and thought that he (the man) could do a better job making man. So, the man stooped down in the dirt and began to shape man how he thought man should look. God stopped him and told him that he had to get his own dirt! Read the Word. Do the Word. If you spend time reading and doing the Word, you won’t have time to consume yourself with the things of this world. Paul teaches us in First Corinthians 11:1 that we should follow the man who is following Christ. Well, how do we know if the man or woman is following Christ? He or she will be doing the Word of God. The Word is our measuring stick.


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