Helicopter Fear

Helicopter Fear
Helicopter Fear

Fear is not of God. Second Timothy 1:7 teaches us that God has not given us the spirit of fear. Let’s stop there and look at this closely. First of all fear is a spirit. Since fear is a spirit we have to deal with it spiritually.  John 4:24 teaches that God is a spirit. So we see here that fear is a spirit and God is a spirit and we see that the spirit of God did not give us the spirit of fear.  Now, there are two families in the earth . . . the family of God (saved folks) and the family of the devil (everyone who has not accepted Jesus as personal saviour). We can conclude then that fear comes from the devil which means that the plan of fear is to steal, kill and destroy. See John 10:10 . . . Let’s look at an example of this regarding the remote-controlled helicopter shown above. Radio controlled devices can be lots of fun to play with . . . from remote-controlled cars, boats and other toys. As a youngster I always had remote-controlled cars . . . in fact I have one in my office now. The above helicopter was purchased for a child for Christmas and when operation of the helicopter was demonstrated, the child got scared and wanted nothing to do with the helicopter. The child went on to say that the helicopter should be given away to someone else because of fear. To this day, the child has not played with the helicopter.

Fear can rob you of God’s blessings. If you allow the spirit of fear access, you allow the enemy access and his intent is to steal, kill and destroy as we have pointed out. Well, what happened with this child? The child was robbed of the fun of playing with a remote-controlled helicopter because of fear.  Let’s go back to 2 Timothy 1:7 because after we are informed that God didn’t give us the spirit of fear, we encounter the word “but” and we see what God did give us . . . Power, Love and a Sound Mind. This means that we have power to overcome the spirit of fear and we have to exercise that power with the words that we speak. You can use this verse as a confession when fear creeps in and declare in Jesus’ name that you don’t have the spirit of fear and move forward in the name of Jesus! Happy New Year from Sow the Word.

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