Christmas Pig

Christmas Pig

 I was looking at this pig earlier today and was just amazed at how big the ears are.  If you press his left front foot, he oinks and the ears move back and forth. You talking about funny; that is hilarious!  Anyway, as I was looking at him, I begin to get Word on hearing. Romans 10:17 teaches us that faith comes by hearing . . . it didn’t say faith came by talking, or working or through email or text . . . it comes through hearing. Now that pertains to anything. So, if you hear things other than the Word of God your faith will grow in those areas. If you keep hearing that you are slow to understand, mentally challenged and not quite there mentally, you will start to believe that as your faith in that negativity will grow.

You need to have ears as big as that piggy there so that you can hear the Word of God. There is voice to the scripture . . . that’s what makes the Bible sooooo good. We (You and I) can read the same scripture and the Spirit of God show me what I need out if for my situation, and at the same time show you what you need out of it for your situation. Yes, I know what you are thinking . . . that’s why some folks don’t get anything out of the Bible. They don’t really have the Spirit of the living God on the inside of them so the Words don’t make sense. So if you are not saved you should quit reading the Bible. Yes I said that . . . you wouldn’t give an owners manual to someone who hasn’t bought the car yet would you? . . . You need to receive Christ and then the Spirit of God will guide you into all truth. The message you need to HEAR is the message on salvation. Email us at Sow the Word and we will be happy to share it with you, especially this time of year!

But this faith cometh by hearing thing is really something. What that means is, if there is an area of your life that you lack faith in, you need to hear the Word in that area. Let’s look at an example. Let’s say you believe that you are saved. You confessed it and you know that you know that you know you are saved . . . but let’s say you are having financial problems. Well, you heard the Word on salvation, received it and walked in it . . . you had faith to believe, but now you need faith in the area of finances. So, what do you do?  You search the Word in the areas of finance and you begin to confess those scriptures. You get teachings on finance and go to Christian workshops and meetings on finance and God’s plan for your money . . . and THEN faith will come IN THE AREA OF FINANCE because you are hearing the Word in THE AREA OF FINANCE. Now you know that you know that you know that He took on your poverty so that you might be rich (2 Corinthians 8:9). You know that His plan for you is the abundant life (John 10:10), in EVERY area of your life . . .grow your faith in God. Hear the Word. Merry Christmas from Sow the Word


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