All things are working . . .

If you are a believer who has a personal relationship with God, know that ALL things are working on your behalf. Even things that you cannot see. That’s where faith comes in. When it “appears” that the cards are stacked against you, and there is no way you can pull through . . . even in the midst of that God is working on your behalf, behind the scenes . . . calling the shots and making the plays. You have dedicated your life to Him and you have made Him first place in all you do; you lean not to your own understanding but acknowledge Him in all your ways. Trust that He will direct your path. You have to do this by faith. Look at Hebrews 11 and how important faith in God was for people like Abraham. Line up your words with the Word of God. Say things as you want them, not how they are. Check out this video.  Don’t get caught up on the person as this is not about Fred Hammond, but it is about Fred allowing God to use him through music to touch lives. And remember here it’s not the music that’s doing the touching, it’s God’s Word in song. Your focus should always be on Jesus and not on people. People will let you down because people have flesh. Yes even ministers, bishops . . . those who have been in the church for years and have established great ministries under God’s direction. It’s Jesus that makes the difference. Check it out and send your comments.


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