Provision is in the house

When God calls you to a work, He will provide you with all that you need for the work that He called you to do. God is a just God. It would be unfair for God to call you to do something and not provide you with all you need to accomplish what He called you to do. (Read that sentence again if you didn’t get that. Don’t go any further until you are convinced of this in your spirit) Many times the provision is already in the house.  We may not recognize it, but it’s there.  This picture shows a member of my family who wanted something off of the top shelf. The item was too high to reach so a stool was used to get to the item.

What does this stool represent? It represents Grace. Provision, or ability, to do what God has called you to do is called the GRACE of God. Grace is God’s ability to do for us what we can’t do for ourselves.  It is the favor of God. If an item is on a high shelf we may not be able to reach it, but with God’s grace, we can reach it, and not only reach it but use it to the glory of God. Don’t be limited by your limited ability. God has made provision for you. Walk in that provision. See I Kings 17:12-16. The oil and flour that the woman was going to use to make a cake for herself and her son was already in the house! God multiplied what she already had!  All she had to do was obey the man of God and be willing to give what she had to God so He could multiply it. The stool was already in the house. If you are trying to do something and there seems to be no provision, maybe God isn’t calling you to do it. There are several people, Christians included, living in communities that God didn’t call them to live in and working on jobs that God didn’t call them to, going to churches that God didn’t call them to attend; going because that’s where mama and daddy went and grandmama and granddaddy –  it’s the family church . . . and even married to people that God did not call them to marry! If you are experiencing insufficiency, lack, no provision . . . seek God’s face and His will. Get into the plan of God. All that you need is in the presence of God. His Grace is there in abundance for you.


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