What’s in your red solo cup?

Do these mean anything to you? So many times we associate these with the trunk of a car. It is common place to bring the alcohol in the trunk and pour it in red solo cups to distribute it. The good time doesn’t begin unless there is some wine or beer or some alcoholic beverage. We get exotic with it and mix it with different fruits and put it in a funny shaped glass.  Men even try to get women to parties to get them drunk to have sex with them by  saying things like “Ladies drinks are free tonight” or “Ladies get in free before midnight”. That so some nasty fella that reeks of alcohol can be inappropriate with a young lady who should have  stayed home and not been in the club.

The common ingredient in it all is alcohol, and the purpose of alcohol is to change your thinking; to alter your level of consciousness . . . to give you a certain feeling; a buzz, that tipsy feeling . . . to lower your inhibitions. Some call it the devil’s nectar while some call it liquid courage.  I’m not a drinker so all I know if from what I have seen and what the Lord has revealed to me. If you know more about this that I’m not sharing, please send me an email or comment on this post. Romans 12:2 teaches us to not be conformed to what the world in doing. If the world is doing it and it seems normal, then we ought not be doing it as we are in the world but not of it.  The second part of this verse teaches us to renew our minds to the Word of God. When you subject your mind to the influence of alcohol you move farther and farther from the Word of God. You give place to the enemy and further his plan to destroy you. You don’t need alcohol to have a good time. If you think that you do, you are being misled by the enemy. All that you need is in the presence of God.That may sound strange or empty to you but it’s not. You have to ask God to come into your life.  Put down that bottle and surrender your life to God. He will get you as drunk as you ever want to be . . . drunk in the Holy Spirit.


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