Black Thursday and Black Friday!?!

I felt led to share this post about black Friday . . . and what it seems like is becoming black Thursday. They have been inching up the day every year for folks to get the jump on savings. I guess in the next few years black Friday won’t have anything to do with Thanksgiving and may actually be sometime in October. I’ve been watching the folks in tents planning to be in the stores late tonight or early in the morning when they open. I wanted to post this today to remind you that II Corinthians 5:7 teaches that we walk by faith and not by sight. Don’t be moved by prices and by hopes of saving money. God is our provider (He sees what we need long before we need it and makes provision for us to have it) and everything that you need or want He can make happen for you . . . and  you don’t have to fight crowds, be up late at night, stand in long lines or put yourself at risk to be robbed. You have to have faith standing on the Word of God, like Mark 11:24. The bottom line here is to be led by the Spirit of God when it comes to everything you do, including shopping for the Christmas season. Don’t be moved by low prices, be moved by the Word of God.


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