You need all of it . . .

We have been studying from the book of Kings in bible study and as I have been meditating on some of the verses in chapter 23 of 2nd Kings, I felt led to share what the Spirit has shown me concerning verses 1 and 2 of this chapter. So many times we feel as if we can take the piece of the scripture that we think fits our situaiton and disregard the rest of the bible. Let’s look at what’s being taught in these first couple of verses. Josiah is king and he is calling the elders together to hear him read the book of the law. I want you to see here that he called All of the elders together . . . This says to me that the Word of God is for everyone, and important for everyone to hear, even the leaders of the church who will spend time teachings the truths of God’s Word to others in the body.  He (Josiah) then goes on to read All the things that are written in the book of the law. This says to me that All things in the Word are important for All people!  Get this revelation. Don’t disregard some areas of the bible, and don’t think that there are parts that aren’t for some people. You are not exempt from certain scriptures in the bible. You can’t just pick the ones that you like. We should be spending time with God and in His Word daily, meditating in it and confessing it over our lives. By doing this faith comes and we are found pleasing to God and God will work on our behalf.  We all have areas in which we can grow. God’s Word is available to grow us but we have to spend time in it.


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