God’s got a work for YOU

Many times folks think that God only calls folks to ministry offices . . . Pastor, Teacher, Apostle, Evangelist and Prophet.  Folks think that if they aren’t one of the five then God does not have a specific work for them. I don’t know who this post is for but I pray that you will allow the Spirit of God to speak to you through it.

It’s true that He does call folks to ministry gifts and roles within the body of Christ, but He is not limited to these and He calls people to specific careers and occupations. Where do you think that great idea you got at work came from? God wants His people in every job in every city, from hotel employees to bus drivers, to school teachers, to business people, etc. That is the work that God called you to and in that work you will be successful, because that is where the blessing will be and Proverbs teaches us that the blessing of the Lord maketh rich and adds no sorrow with it. Don’t get caught up calling work the daily grind and making comments like you are just “hanging in there”. . . waiting for vacation days and retirement. God has called you to a specific career and it’s in that career that you are supposed to work for the Kingdom. If you listen to His Spirit and allow His Word to work in your life, He will lead you to the job that you should be doing and He will give you the grace to be a success and He will get the glory out of it. Have a great weekend.


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