Don’t teach your children that they can be anything that they want . . .

This post is a piggy back to the most recent Sow the Word post where we talked about God calling us to specific careers as a part of his plan for us. We can see that through Jeremiah 29:11. I want to go a little further with this as it comes to what we teach our children. If God has called us to a specific plan for our lives, God also has a specific plan for our children. Our children should not be told that they can be anything they want to be. They should be told that they are to discover what God called them to be . . . teacher, lawyer, businesswoman, hair dresser, barber, janitor, etc.  So many times our kids make decisions about career choices by television, what we as parents do or because other family members have certain occupations. It is important that we teach our children to seek God concerning their careers just like they do in other areas of their lives. God has a wonderful plan for their lives, where they will grow in Him and help spread the gospel of the Kingdom of God. Don’t force your child into a career. Seek God’s wisdom along with your child to receive from God what career he or she is supposed to have. I welcome your comments here as this goes against mainstream thinking. Remember that we are not about mainstream thinking. We are about the Word of God. Be blessed.


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