What’s the real purpose of those angry birds on your phone?

This post is not specifically about angry birds, but it does speak to cell phone game applications and their purpose. I enjoy playing angry birds, but I have to watch and make sure that it’s me that is playing the game, and not the game that has control of me.  Not sure if this happens to you, but I find myself playing during what I would call “down time”. Some folks may play to pass the time or play when they get a spare moment. Let’s look at what is really happening here. You have your phone with you all of the time so that it is convenient for you to play . . . the game will tease you so you can only get so many games free, and afterwards you have to pay,and it’s not much to start, but the price usually escalates. Then you get addicted, and you will go on to BUY versions of the game no matter the price. That’s part of the plan, to get you addicted.  Once you’re hooked you won’t just play during free time, but you will find yourself playing games when you should be working. When you said you never would, you are actually PAYING for new versions of the game, and worse than that, you think it’s harmless. Hmm, that’s just like the crack dealer. Your first few hits will be given to you and then once you get addicted you have to pay for it . . . and now because you are addicted, you will steal almost anything to sell and support your habit. The game’s intent is to always be on your mind and always in front of your face.  There is one thing that should always be on your mind and always before your face, and that is the Word of God. Why wouldnt you keep your nose in a book that says that you are supposed to be rich, healthy, prosperous, debt free and living the abundant life? See Joshua 1:8 where the Lord told Joshua to keep His(God’s) Word ever before him (Joshua), and then he (Joshua) would have good success. He tells Joshua to meditate on the Word day and night . . . so I downloaded a bible app to my phone and during my down time, I pull up some scripture and speak words to myself that are life.  So not only can you have time set aside to study and grow in God, but you can grow in God during inactive times you may have during the day. God has a plan especially for you!! Don’t miss the plan and blessings of God because you have your head stuck in a game. Be blessed.


One thought on “What’s the real purpose of those angry birds on your phone?

  1. Thanks for sharing this post! The internet has a lot of good uses, but it can be a time “stealer and waster” if you are not careful. God does hold us accountable fo how we manage our resources, and time is a valuable resource in the eyes of God. I am grateful to be reminded of the significance of how I spend my time and whether or not I am bringing glory to God’s kingdom. Be Blessed!

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