Are denominational churches bad?

I felt led to share this post about denominational churches as I felt that there was a blogger out there who had the question about whether being in a denomination  is ok or not. For those of you who may not be familiar with this term examples of denominations include Methodist, Baptist, Presbyterian, etc. As in all of our discussions, let’s go to the Word concerning this. The issue is not whether the church is part of a denomination or not, but whether tradition and denominational beliefs take priority over the Word of God.  And remember, there are also nondenominational churches that have other agendas other than God’s agenda.  Exodus 20 teaches us that we are to have no other gods before God. Mark 7 talks about tradition making the Word of God of no effect. This means the things that we do because of tradition, denomination or habit can choke out the Word.  This is a very dangerous area to be in. God’s Word should be first place in our lives and the standard by which we live. If you are part of a church that quotes hymns, other denominational books or tradition as the way to live, you are walking outside of God’s will for your life.  Do those traditions or denominational habits line up with the Word of God?Examine what your church does by the Word of God.  Is the Bible the book that you are being taught to study and live out or are you being led by something else?


2 thoughts on “Are denominational churches bad?

  1. This is so true and once the reality of it hits those of us who were raised Episcopalian and learned alot of the Book of Prayers. But I have learned so much through my Christ following walk and just enjoy the freedom that His love and truth provides through His Word.

  2. Thanks for visiting the blog. There is freedom in Christ but so much bondage in tradition and denominationalism. You are so right, what we all need is the pure milk of the Word. God has provision for us and all we have to do is receive it. Be blessed!

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