Hull your own peanuts

As a father we want to do things for our children. God, our loving father, wants and will do things for us His children. I boiled some peanuts yesterday and my oldest usually asks for me to hull them for her to eat. She is almost 9. When she was a few years younger I would hull them for her and hand them to her to eat. She sat next to me yesterday and hulled and ate her own. This is the kind of progress that God wants to see in us. I Peter 2:2 teaches us that like babies we should desire the sincere milk of the Word. That means that when you first receive Jesus (are born again) – you have to be fed milk and you should desire it. Babies are fed milk so that they can grow up – as they grow up they should grow in God. God will do things automatically in the life of a baby Christian but as you undergo maturation in Christ, He will require more faith from you. This is so important when it comes to prayer. We need to teach our kids that we arent their source. The same God that is my source is my child’s source and it’s important that my child know that. Children need to be taught to pray for themselves.  We continue to pray for our kids but we teach them to pray to God for themselves. They need to know to go to God for themselves. Teach your young ones to hull their own peanuts. They will be the better for it.


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