Crying and snot alone really won’t help anything

We always have to remember that we are in the earth. The devil is the prince of this world and is running things down here. People who are not saved and completely in his territory have ups and downs, and we as the body of Christ have ups and downs as well. And, in reality, it’s really not that we (the body of Christ) have the ups and downs, it’s our attitude and actions when they come . . . especially the downs. When things don’t work the way that you want them to work and when it seems like everyone around you is thriving and growing but you can’t locate your blessing, now is the time to stand on faith and not cry and snot in pity. Psalm 146:6 teaches us that God is faithful forever. This is good news. This means that every promise that God made you in His Word, will come to pass. God is faithful and God is moved by faith . . . not be tears, not by a pity party, not by good intentions, etc. When life hands you lemons, you don’t make lemonade. You find a promise in the Word concerning your situation and you stand on it in faith. When you stand strong in faith with tears in your eyes, your head lifted and your voice saying, “I will not be moved by what I see and what I’m dealing with. I am only moved by the Word of God!!”  Say it through your tears and snot. Say it through your heartache and pain. Say it through your lack and inability. When you start saying it, faith will come. The bible teaches in Romans 10:17 that faith comes by hearing. Start speaking the Word (saying what God says) and watch faith come. God will be pleased and He will work on your behalf.


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