Sowing and Reaping, part 4, you have to go and get it

So far we have not said much about the reaping part of the sowing. I think we have made a case with the last few posts of the benefit of sowing to the things of God. This will be the last post on sowing and reaping for a while, but it certainly does not exhaust the topic. The last point that I want to make here is that you have to know what and where you have sown so that you can go and reap your harvest. For example, if you planted an acre of field peas and you did not remember where you planted them or even if you planted them, you won’t get a harvest, and it’ll be your fault that you don’t get one. It was there but you didn’t have the foresight to go and bring it in. The bible teaches in Mark 4:29 that when the crop is ripe the reaping begins. Be sure here to recognize that God doesn’t do the reaping for you. God provides the increase. Be sure that you go out and reap after you have sown!


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