Sowing and Reaping, Part 2, What are you sowing to?

We recently began a series of postings on sowing and reaping. In our last post we talked about what you sow being what you will reap and we talked specifically about sowing in areas that you want a harvest in. Lets move on down to Galations 6:8 as we continue this discussion. This verse talks specifically about sowing to the flesh versus sowing to the Spirit. Let’s talk about what the author means here when he says sowing to the flesh. The first thing that we need to understand is that the book of Galations is written to believers, i.e. those who are saved or have a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. This is an important lesson to us to let us know that even those of us who are saved have to make the conscious decision and effort to sow into the things of God. It’s not automatic because you accepted Jesus.

Sowing to the flesh means that you put your time, energy, money, etc. into things that are dead. There is no life apart from Christ, so anything that you sow into that is not supported by the Word is dead and will eventually lead to your death if you allow it. A good example of this is the lottery. Usually people play the lottery because they want to get rich. So, when someone sows into the lottery, what’s being sown into is a chance; a chance to get rich. There are people who go without the necessities of life to sow into the lottery. Money that was supposed to go to feed the hungry, start schools, support ministries, start youth outreaches and initiatives goes to the lottery, and the enemy even tries to make it look good by saying that money used to buy lottery tickets will go to education.  If you want to see education thrive sow into education instead of taking resources and money away.

The Bible teaches that God wants us to be rich and has made provision for us to have the abundant life. Instead of sowing into a chance, we can sow into a sure thing. 2 Corinthians 8:9 teaches that Jesus took off His riches and took our poverty so that we might be rich. This means money but is not just limited to money.  The key word here is MIGHT.  This goes back to what we were talking about earlier about Christian’s deciding where to sow. Just because you get saved doesn’t mean that you get rich. But the ability for God to make you rich becomes available to you with salvation. And understand that rich isn’t a dollar amount. It’s having all-sufficiency at all times. God needs you rich so you can carry out the plan that He has for you in the earth.

Let’s go back to sowing and reaping and our lottery example. God’s way of you getting rich is through giving. It’s not the only way He plans for you to get rich as He will give you ideas for inventions, jobs, investments, etc. Let’s explore the giving  principle.  Luke 6:38 says to give and it will be given unto you; overflowing will men give unto you. So if you are a giver, you will be a receiver and you are sowing according to the Word of God. There will be times that you will go to your mailbox and there will be a check there for you and you won’t know where it came from. It will be just what you need for an upcoming financial obligation. Search the scriptures and seek God about where you should sow.


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