Sow it if you want to reap it, Part I

I know that you have heard that Bible verse that says you will reap what you sow.  For this post I will talk about this particular verse. This will be the first post of a series of postings on sowing and reaping.

I felt led to share some about this verse and how this verse can lead you right into your breakthrough, the wealthy place or victorious place that you are trying to get into. Let’s look at Galations 6:7.  This verse teaches that whatever you sow, it is THAT that you are going to reap. So, if you sow shoes, you are going to reap shoes. If you sow money you will reap money. If you sow time you will reap time. This is a valuable lesson to us. If we don’t have something in an area, if we sow in that area, we will reap in that area, that is if our heart is right and we are sowing in love not just to receive from God.

You do realize that what you reap in quantity will be more than what you sow in quantity. Remember too that if you sow sparingly you will reap sparingly. In other words if you sow a little, you reap a little. If you sow much you reap much. We will look at this in scripture later. Have you ever seen someone plant one corn seed and get one kernel of corn? Of course not, you see the full stalk with several ears that have several kernels of corn.  Obviously the person who plants an acre will reap less than the person who plants ten acres. That’s how sowing and reaping work in the Bible. YOU REAP WHAT YOU SOW. If you need help with your bills, help someone else with theirs. If you need a new car, help someone else get a new car . . . and understand you may not be able to pay for a car for someone but you may be able to give them some money on their down payment. If you want to be married, sow into the lives of some people who are married. For example, put a couple on your prayer list, get them a devotional for couples, etc. If you want a job, help someone else look for or get a job. Go through the classifieds for them. Buy them a new business suit or portfolio or brief case for their interview. Drive them to their interview if that would be helpful.  You are guaranteed to reap what you sow. It will come to pass. It may take weeks, months or maybe even years. Continue to confess it and sow in that area. Send an email to for more information.


2 thoughts on “Sow it if you want to reap it, Part I

  1. I wanted to share that this happened to me just today. I really like white bread;you know that kind that is really squishy and sticks to the roof of your mouth? Well, we took the kids to the park today to feed the ducks and I took my prized bread to give to my oldest so she could feed the ducks. It really was a sacrifice. I sowed bread and not just any bread, bread that had real meaning to me. Well, we fed the ducks and emptying the bread bag. Sometime after a young girl came up to us and offered her big bag of bread. There was so much bread in the bad we had to throw some away. My oldest got another half hour in of feeding the ducks and some turtles too. What you sow, that’s what you are going to reap. I sowed bread and I reaped bread. Be blessed!

  2. Another area of sowing that is most important is sowing into the lives of your children. If you want to reap good things from your kids, you have to sow good things into them. Sow the Word into them by saying things like “you are smart and a beautiful person. You will be just what God called you to be”. Let’s not sow negativity into our kids by calling them hopeless, worthless or sowing generational curses into their lives. For example, “You are going to be a drunk just like your old daddy”. Sow life into your kids and they will grow up to be all that God called them to be, even if you can’t see how in the natural.

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