Slow down, part II

We talked about the need to slow down, being still and knowing that God is God.  In this post we want to share how not slowing down can lead to physical fatigue and stress and can cause your physical body to wear out early. Our bodies are not designed to deal with stress. That’s why God recommended in I Peter 5:7 that we should cast ALL of our cares on to Him.  Instead we tell people to “take care” when we say good bye. It may seem trivial of and no consequence to do this but the Bible teaches in Matthew 12:36  that we will give an account for every idle word that we say. So I would recommend that we stop telling people to “take care”. If we speak the Word and the Word only, we will not snare ourselves with our mouths.

You may be asking, how is it that you can say that we were not made to bear stress? You can just look at the consequences of stress on the body to answer that question; high blood pressure, headaches, heart attacks, anxiety, depression and the list goes on. But let us not just look at that, let’s look at the Word. In the book of Genesis we learn that God gave dominion of the earth over to Adam. Adam had a body that was made in the image of God, just like ours, but Adam walked and talked with God, which means that Adam was in the presence of God. All that we need can be found in God’s presence. See Jude 1:24-25. Adam was in the presence of God. That meant that his physcial body did not need anything. There was no high blood pressure, no diabetes, no stroke, no kidney disease, no heart disease . . . none of that can exist in the presence of God. They didn’t even need clothes in the presence of God! There is no stress in the presence of God . . . no depression, no axiety, no worries, no cares. So, when God created man, he WAS NOT created to deal with stress, worry, sickness or disease.  Well, what happened? Continue in the book of Genesis to get the answer to this. When Adam sinned against God by eating from the tree of the knowledge of good and evil the Bible teaches that they died spiritually. Genesis 3 talks about Adam and Eve recognizing  that they were naked. They now needed clothes because they were outside of the presence of God. Adam caused you and I to be born outside of the presence of God. The bible teaches that by the sin of Adam, sin and death passed to all. Romans 5:12-19  Spiritual death is separation from God. Linked to death is sickness and poverty. We have to deal will worry and stress because of the first Adam’s sin. The bible goes on to teach that the second Adam (Jesus) paid the price for us with His blood to restore our connection with God, so that means that we don’t have to deal with stress, worry, care, anxiey, depression, sickness and disease. We are supposed to cast it onto Him. If you need specific help as to how to do that send me an email at

Don’t subject your body to stress. Slow down, submit yourself to God. Allow the work of Jesus to be made manifest in your physical body.  Walk in divine health free from worry, care and stress!


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