It starts with your confession

What are you saying about your situation or your circumstance?  Are you speaking life or death? Anytime you say what God says, you are speaking life. When you speak about your situation, talking about how hard and bad things are, you say what the world says. Well, how do we say what God says?  We say what the Word (Bible says). In Genesis 1 God was hovering over the face of the deep and darkness was everywhere. God didnt talk about how dark it was. He wanted light so He called for light to be! That’s what we have to do in our situation; call forth what we want to be. Romans 10:9,10 teach that salvation is based on a confession and a belief. Notice that it does not say a belief then a confession. Faith cometh by hearing and you should confess it (the Word) even before your heart believes it (the Word) and while your situation looks bad.  The more you confess it (the Word), the more you will believe it (the Word) and your heart will change. Your confession will change your circumstance. If you need assistance with how to change your confession, reply to the post. Be blessed.


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