God will give you direction in every area of your life if you make the decision to give Him permission to do so. As I sit here tonight planning for a very important meeting that will be a course changer for our clinic, I am reminded of Proverbs 3:5-6.  These two verses teach us that when we don’t lean to the way we understand things, we open the door for God to work on our behalf.  The verses didnt say that you couldnt have an understanding. They say that in the final analysis, don’t lean to it . . . or don’t make a decision based on your own understanding without bringing it before God. I prayed before I started preparing and thanked God that I have favor with Him as well as favor with the persons I will be meeting with tomorrow. God’s favor is God’s ability. He will tell you exactly how to prepare and will be there inside  you in the person of the Holy Spirit to tell you what to say at the meeting. God’s guidance is unmatched!


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